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  • Hills View Kennels offers a 12 run indoor/outdoor facility with half covered runs and a grass exercise area.
  • Our Uniqueness Is:
    • Inclusivity: the kennel is an extension of the home and is a pathway to the upstairs family room to the left and the grooming shop to the right. This reduces feelings of isolation.
    • Visual Stimulation: critical to a pets well-being, is plentiful as the runs view pasture where the goats are playing.
    • Freedom: pets may go in and out as THEY desire, sit in sun or shade, or even in the rain under the partial roof.
    • Elevation: the inside pads are elevated 32 inches above the floor at arm level providing intimate eye and hand connection with the pet. The pad to ceiling level allows a more constant temperature. By reducing the cubic air footage we are able to provide a temperature that is cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
    • Pets are let into the grass exercise area three times each day as per usual home routines with or without a playmate as per mom and pop's request.
  • Boarding Fees:
    • $12.50/day for a single dog
    • $15.50/day for two dogs in one run
    • Extra charges for grooming while boarding or to administer medications
    • Owners must provide food to prevent stomach upsets from dietary changes and it is recommended that a toy be supplied.
  • Hours of Operation:
    • Drop-off from 7am-6pm. Pickups after 1pm will be charged another full day.
    • No Sunday access unless by special arrangement.


  • Hills View Accepts Only:
    • Quite pets that respect the sanctity of the farm's goat herd and other pets who are on vacation
    • Pets up to cocker size and under 32 pounds
    • Non-aggressive and non-destructive pets who are correctible and respect the word "NO!"
    • Pets must be house broke, clean, flea and odor free (we do offer bathing services before kennel entry)
    • Complete shot records are necessary if pet is under one year old
    • Rabies vaccinations are required at any age
  • Pets staying over four days will receive a complementary bath upon return


  • I am semi-retired to my farm and kennel. I have over 30 years in grooming experience. I am accepting by appointment only, dogs under 32 pounds.
  • Services:
    • Bathing to include (nails trimmed, ears cleaned, anal glands expressed, and clipping in sanitary areas - $12-$20 for short coated breeds)
    • Hills View uses and sells some of the best pet shampoos available, and goat milk skin and soap products. For information on how to purchase these goat milk products visit: http://www.thecrazygoatlady.com
    • Clipping to include (bath, nails, ears, anals expressed, and styling suited to pet's comfirmation)
  • Grooming Fees:
    • $28-$35 (Matted, obese, or uncooperative pets may require extra charges)
    • Toe nails trimmed and ground $4-$6


Sold out for 2013. We will have harness goats and kids in March of 2014